The International Mass Media Research Center [IMMRC] Library


The International Mass Media Research Center [IMMRC] mass media library is a collection of critical left, progressive and socialist books and pamphlets treating all aspects of the media. The IMMRC center, which was active in Bagnolet, France from 1973 - 1986, collected this material mostly by exchanging its publications with other progressive (media) groups, especially its Marxism and Mass Media bibliographies, and Ariel Dorfman's and Armand Mattelart's How to Read Donald Duck (for more information, click here). Its circa 3,000 volumes includes a wide range of material from Europe, the United States, and especially, Latin America and the so-called "Third World", covering all aspects of mass communication practice and theory of left political movements, alternative communications, cultural imperialism, mass culture, journalism and newspapers, news agencies, publishing, TV and video.

The library was gifted in the early 1990s to the Internationaal Instituut voor Sociale Geschiedenis (IISG; The International Institute for Social History) in Amsterdam where it can now be consulted. For a general description of the International Mass Media Research Center [IMMRC] click here; for a partial list of 1760 catalogued titles click here  (Search For: IMMRC).


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