Contemporary Art section


The Contemporary Art section consists of 4 projects:

- The Egress Forum For Critical Art Studies will be a continuing critical research project dealing with the social-economic issues underlying the production, distribution and consumption of contemporary art and culture, and is currently under construction and is expected to be online during the course of 2012. Our first project is the How Is Art History Made? project (see below).

- How Is Art History Made?: A critical research project organized by the Stichting Egress Foundation, Amsterdam in association with the Kunsthalle Basel was launched in Basel during the Basel Art Fair and Liste Art Fair in June 2011.

- The Art Law Resource Center, produced by Daniel McClean, will provide a summary and commentary of key laws and legal developments in the modern-day art world within the broader issues of the evolution of contemporary art, legal and cultural theory. It will be addressed to the profession (artists; private art galleries and dealers; private collectors; and museums and public arts organisations) as well as the general public, and will provide numerous links to all art-law related websites. At the moment there is a general description of the project available online, and an important part of the project will be available during the course of 2012.

- The Seth Siegelaub Collection & Archives section will provide a complete documentation on the Seth Siegelaub Collection of "conceptual art", his archives, and his exhibition, publishing and other projects during 1964 - 1971. Most of this material is already available online.

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